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LOOM Modules
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Accommodation (ACM)
ACM unit is responsible for arranging participants and allocation of rooms in hotels. Module provides assistance in managing accommodation requests, booking hotel rooms as well as managing and editing bookings.
Accreditation (ACR)
ACR processes tens of thousands of applications from participants and allows them to gain access to the venues. Module helps to control the process of accreditation and collect personal data of representatives of client groups for access to the event venues: VIP guests, media representatives, marketing partners, staff, technical specialists, volunteers, etc.
Administration (ADM)
Setup system settings, SLA and billing, configure directories, control units, manage users and roles.
Arrivals & Departures (A&D)
A&D brings time, date and guest numbers together and also keeps records of any luggage from oversized equipment to sports weapons to provide adequate accompaniment services.
Dashboards (DSH)
View and control statistics data, analyze the results of the system and units.
Equipment (EQP)
EQP is used to manage tools, electronic devices, equipment, and uniforms release for personnel and volunteers.
Guests & Protocol management (GPM)
GPM is a guest management unit used to keep a record of all VIP guests. It allows to track the number of guests present, see their personal data, coordinate invitations and participation of guests in the events.
Guidebook (GDB)
GDB provides a short reference book on various resources for foreign participants and guests of the event host-city such as venues, sights, medical resources, restaurants, etc.
Incidents (INC)
INC unit helps manage emergencies through fixing, processing and tracking the process of resolving emergencies from the moment of its occurrence until its complete elimination.
Logistics (LOG)
Create delivery orders, make out delivery schedules and coordinate cargo truck traffic at the venue checkpoints.
Marketplace (MKP)
Manage your trading platform, display goods and items for sale, control customer payments and deliveries.
Medical encounters (MDE)
MDE unit is used to keep track of significant health-care events. It also includes information about diagnosis, medications, medical history, presence or absence of medicines.
Participant (PRT)
Manage and control your participants on each event, check registration, add, update and delete participants' personal information.
Scheduler (SCH)
Plan and control event monthly and daily activities, monitor the life of each venue, facility and employees during the day.
Space management (SPM)
Manage facilities, rooms, and workplaces or allocate seats in your organization.
Sport entries & Qualification (SEQ)
Collect and process data of athletes eligible to compete in the sports games, create quotas for each sport discipline, limit the number of competitors from each country.
Stock (STK)
Plan, direct, coordinate and control the flow of goods through the warehouse
Ticketing (TKT)
TKT unit is used to provide representatives of authorized organizations and client groups with the possibility to send/edit requests for tickets to different events. It also allows getting full-stadiums by selling out of non-used quotas.
Transport (TRA)
TRA unit is used for vehicle accreditation, helps to organize guests and participants transfer and controls vehicle fleet resources. The unit serves to issue permits for vehicles to park at the event venue.
Workforce & Volunteers (WKF)
WKF unit registers volunteer applicants, conducts training for future assistance, plans work schedules and allocates both personnel and volunteers.
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