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Operational Excellence in Sports and Major Events
LOOM is the Event Management System for a participant audience of millions
Saving up to 50% of work efforts
LOOM automates thousands of pre-event, event-time and post-event processes. Looms replaces outdating Excel spreadsheets, unorganized WhatsApp chats and underadable email threads.

20 modules, seamlessly integrated
All the LOOM modules are synchronized in real-time. Any data update propagates to all modules and to all users instantly.
Frisbee: Sport Community Messenger

- Secured team collaboration.
- Chatbots for task automation.
- Spam-free communication.

Private or public cloud
Gain agility from a cloud with scalable secure performance on demand.
LOOM is a digital ecosystem for automating your routine tasks
Solutions for:
Organizing Committees

Essential tools for managing large scale sporting events at all stages of preparation and conduction
Sports Federations

Real time tracking the life cycle of professional and promising athletes, coaches and clubs
Venue operators and Clubs

Manage club members and infrastructure - from electro-mechanical devices to every bolt
Government Sport Authorities

Tools for monitoring of necessary data of sports development and financial reports in real time
Our clients
LOOM is compliant with the requirements of International olympic committee (IOC) and European olympic committees (EOC)

The success of any multi-sport event is dependent on multiple factors working together seamlessly, including technology, which has played a critical role here at the 2nd European Games in Minsk. Technology plays a leading role in bringing sports closer to the fans, and all the latest innovations have been implemented here to make the sports presentation more attractive on multiple levels. From the website and mobile app delivering information to the public to the accreditation scanners and transport VAPP helping athletes, officials and others access venues, we have been very pleased with the technical side of Minsk 2019 and applaud the local organisers for a job well done.

Janez Kocijancic
the President of the European Olympic Committees
LOOM is the Event Management System of the
II European Games 2019
II European Games in Numbers
II European Games through the eyes of the organizers
Immerse yourself in the indescribable atmosphere of backstage of Europe's largest sporting event in the documentary LOOMing Games
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